All of Me – Patsy Palmer

What a fabulous warts and all biography from the lovely Patsy Palmer. I had no idea of the personal struggles that she was going through during those famous Albert Square years. She has been very open about her demons and hopefully others will learn from her story, I certainly hope so. The text is articulate, […]

We Met in December by Rosie Curtis

Rosie’s charming tale of boy meets girl is set in London with a theme of  My London Life weaving its way through the story which is told mainly from  Jess’s view she of small town Bournemouth and also of Alex’s view he the nurse in training having previously given up a well paid job in law […]

Look after you local library!

I have recently been learning a language at my local library, not only have I learned how to tell the time in Italian  but I have also learned that our libraries need to be used as we are likely to lose them otherwise. My local library apart from lending books and magazines is a meeting […]

The Happy Hoofer by Celia Imrie

Un put down able ………that’s how I would describe Celia’s autobiography, in other words a damn good read from this actor of fine good stock. I have always enjoyed whatever Celia has starred in whether it be Dinner Ladies or The Marigold Hotel. So starring in her own book had to be a winner for […]

Wives and Lovers by Jane Elizabeth Varley

First class writing from Elizabeth Jane Varley with Wives and Lovers set in the leafy suburb of Wimbledon, London and the middle class town of Marlow. Having just returned from my first visit to this little Thames side town it was purely coincidental to be reading about it in Jane’s great tale of a middle class family […]

That Day in June by Martina Reilly

An unusual story but gripping never the less and I loved it. Max and Sandy make an unusual couple. Sandy is homeless and accepts coffee from Max a bit of a high flier in the Irish media world. Suddenly Max isn’t there and Sandy Is concerned. After some detective work she finds him in a […]