Bread Alone ~Judi Hendricks

Her marriage breaking up Wynter or Wyn to her friends finds herself on a journey both geographically from LA to Seattle and metaphorically from coupledom to living with her mother and then sofa surfing with her best buddy CM to living alone. In amongst all this she returns to her first love of making bread […]

The Husband’s Secret -Liane Moriarty

This pacy novel set in the Australian ‘burbs carefully tells several small stories before they all become one big fat mother of a tale. You can see yourself in some of the characters whether it’s the trying to juggle everything Cecelia, the hard done by Rachel or the trying to smooth rough seas Lucy. I […]

The Sisters ~ Claire Douglas

The book cover entices you in with the hook – One lied One died, and yes I was hooked straight away. The delicate heroine is buffeted this way and that after losing her twin sister, she is fragile, weak and mentally wounded as she tries to find herself in her new world bereft of her […]

31 Dream Street ~ Lisa Jewell

Picked this up in a Dubai hotel for a recent beach read. Ticked the box as would any of Lisa’s books. A gentle, intriguing read about a group of disparate folk living together at you guessed it 31 Dream Street. There’s a little mystery, a few ups and downs and of course the inevitable little […]

East of the Sun ~ Julia Gregson

I could almost hear the plaintive haunting sounds of a sitar whilst reading this book. The lives of three girls are intertwined in twenties India. They arrive from good old safe Blighty to a country on the turn. Two ‘well to do girls’ Rose and Tor are intrigued by their chaperone a quiet seemingly mousy […]

The Shadow of the Wind ~ Carlos Ruiz Zafon

I often choose a book just because of its cover, but The Shadow of the Wind chose me because as I read the jacket blurb and learned that it was set in Barcelona I had to have it and I’m so glad I did. I hadn’t long returned for a few days in this arty […]

Iris and Ruby ~ Rosie Thomas

So Rosie Thomas is new to me, I can’t believe I haven’t come across her or her books before but now I am a new fan and I will make it my mission to explore the works of Rosie some more. As both a keen traveller and a reader it’s great to have my two […]

The Lemon Grove ~ Helen Walsh

Warmed by the Mallorcan sun, this naughty tale reels you in. Shocking, wistful and a little jealous are the emotions I’m feeling so far about Jenn. Is it OK for this to happen on a Spanish Isle? Would the rules have been different in an English market town? The step daughter is fickle, wilful and […]