A Week in Paris ~ Rachel Hore

Of course a week in Paris would never really be enough for anyone but it’s long enough for Fay the heroine of the tale to unravel a mystery about her past. The story jumps from war torn Paris to the more liberal early 1960’s. It seems that Fay’s mother Kitty had a few secrets to keep which has shaped the course of Fay’s life.

Fay finds herself on a school trip in Paris and experiences some deja vue moments but of course she has never been to Paris so how could they be deja vue? She returns as a young adult and a budding musician and in that week she dips and delves into the story of Kitty  and Gene her father.

The week confirms her success as a musician and re introduces her to Adam whom she’d met on the school trip. In this coming of age novel we learn much about Paris’s role during the war and how it’s people coped and railed against the German advance and take over their beloved city.

As a Sunday Times bestseller it has worked for me, an easy read which taught me much about history and gave me a frisson of pleasure following Fay’s footsteps around Paris’s famous and not so famous landmarks, published by Simon and Schuster in 2014 I mean to hunt out more of Rachel’s reads. Bon appetit reader, enjoy.