Best Kept Secret ~ Jeffery Archer

No one likes a secret, they have to be shared! I have been a fan of Archer since the early days of Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less and this did not disappoint.

 The third volume in the Clifton Chronicles and a number one best seller from Pan where we see Harry, Giles, Emma and Seb fight for success in the shipping line, politics and adulthood respectively. 

The family has grown with young Jess joining the fold, she settles into Barrington Hall and her love of art is allowed to blossom as she gains confidence and an education. 

Seb has his teenage troubles but blossoms as he finds his feet and as the book ends we know that he has a future at Cambridge of which the entire family are very proud. It wasn’t a journey without some stumbles and falls but then they have shaped this young man too.

Various villains try to get in the way of The family as they strive for their goals but then it wouldn’t be an Archer story without some significant twists and turns. I’m looking forward to number 4 as I can tell the main characters have a lot of story left in them. 

This is written with rigour as only Archer does. The devil is in the detail as he takes us through political campaign procedure, skullduggery and the richer classes.