Iris and Ruby ~ Rosie Thomas

IMG_1833.JPGSo Rosie Thomas is new to me, I can’t believe I haven’t come across her or her books before but now I am a new fan and I will make it my mission to explore the works of Rosie some more. As both a keen traveller and a reader it’s great to have my two ‘loves’ combined. I often choose books set in places I have been to as somehow it adds another dimension to the story but this time Rosie’s book is set in a place I haven’t set foot in but has been on my bucket list for some time………..

Her story is set in both war time and present day Cairo and is feeding my desire even more. The descriptive passages of colonial cocktail parties, silk dresses and pink champagne amidst a heated backdrop of both the climate and the desperate passion takes the reader back to a world at war but just as easily drops you into more recent times as the two worlds fuse as grandmother and granddaughter get to know one another. To begin with they are strangers  but things change and they gradually allow each other to learn a little about their respective selves.

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