East of the Sun ~ Julia Gregson

cropped-img_4398.jpgI could almost hear the plaintive haunting sounds of a sitar whilst reading this book. The lives of three girls are intertwined in twenties India. They arrive from good old safe Blighty to a country on the turn. Two ‘well to do girls’ Rose and Tor are intrigued by their chaperone a quiet seemingly mousy Viva.

Viva is paid to keep an eye on the girls and another mysterious charge  – a 16 year old boy as they steer their way from Southampton to Bombay in search of marriage and adventure or in Viva’s case work and to collect a trunk her dead parents had left behind. Viva had fond but distant memories of India which she had last seen as a child, Rose was meeting her fiancé and getting married whilst Tor was escaping her mother and looking for anything to keep her from returning to Middle Wallop. Enjoyable easy read and I loved the story as well as the descriptive Indian back drop. If you have something to add please drop a word in the comment box.