And the best inflight magazine goes to ….South African Airways!

I’ve never had reason to blog about an inflight magazine before. Generally I flick through the flight offerings and dip into the odd article or two which take my fancy….. however Sawubona the inflight magazine for South African airways really held my interest on a flight from Heathrow to Jo’burg then onward to Blantyre. Well done SSA it makes for excellent reading.

Highlights for me in the June edition included Morgan Trimble’s take on a hot Malawian Sauce where she espouses the virtues of Nali …. I did look out for it in Mulanje but wasn’t successful. I like a chilli sauce so always ready to try a new one.

I loved Brian Parsley’s advice about trusting others….I could learn from that ……often though I feel others have to earn my trust but perhaps we have to dive in feet first and give people an opportunity.

The profile on Lusanda Jiya quotes that her most important item on holiday is her attitude…. for me it’s my camera but I think I should pick attitude as a close second. I agree with her, I like an aisle seat over a window and my mum’s not reading this so am going to say champagne when given a choice of tea,coffee or bubbles!

The article on beach house living in Tanzania will be my go to dream escape during the English winter! The travel articles were varied and abundant, the photos rich and inviting.

Overall plenty to keep me occupied for quite a period of time, easy enough to read when you are feeling tired and uncomfortable after travelling for many hours, I wish I could have access to a hard copy of this magazine when not flying as I think it would satisfy some of my wanderlust and scratch my itchy feet…… So long South Africa until perhaps next year and thanks Sawubona.

Originally featured on The Grey Traveller