Iris and Ruby ~ Rosie Thomas

So Rosie Thomas is new to me, I can’t believe I haven’t come across her or her books before but now I am a new fan and I will make it my mission to explore the works of Rosie some more. As both a keen traveller and a reader it’s great to have my two […]

The Lemon Grove ~ Helen Walsh

Warmed by the Mallorcan sun, this naughty tale reels you in. Shocking, wistful and a little jealous are the emotions I’m feeling so far about Jenn. Is it OK for this to happen on a Spanish Isle? Would the rules have been different in an English market town? The step daughter is fickle, wilful and […]

The Real Katie Lavender ~Erica James

What a great name Katie Lavender is and what a great story. Amusing tale about a modern girl in a modern world. Katie discovers that she is not who she thinks she is and finds herself part of a new and very much divided family. One side of the family are enraged by Katie’s entrance, […]

Best Kept Secret ~ Jeffery Archer

No one likes a secret, they have to be shared! I have been a fan of Archer since the early days of Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less and this did not disappoint.  The third volume in the Clifton Chronicles and a number one best seller from Pan where we see Harry, Giles, […]

A Week in Paris ~ Rachel Hore

Of course a week in Paris would never really be enough for anyone but it’s long enough for Fay the heroine of the tale to unravel a mystery about her past. The story jumps from war torn Paris to the more liberal early 1960’s. It seems that Fay’s mother Kitty had a few secrets to […]