Summer at Tiffany’s ~ Karen Swan

img_2910Cassie is a more than a budding flower amongst the London Rich and Successful. Having a share of a dream business of vintage fine dining catering amongst the reasonably wealthy she hangs on the arm of Henry a good looking modern day explorer. His sister and her best friend also has a dream job organising expensive weddings. Seems almost too good to be true doesn’t it?

Cassie is reluctant to finally tie the knot with Henry and this beach read will tell you exactly why.

With names like Velvet and Cornish holiday homes called Butterbox Farm, life seems very good indeed for these rich young things. I would like a slice of this as I’m certainly less likely to shop in Tiffany’s!

A pretty front cover is often a draw and the colours are a definite big hint of summer ……. In Tiffany’s. The label on the front tells you it was a Sunday Times Best Selling book and clearly a sequel to Christmas at Tiffany’s . I enjoyed it during my summer by the pool.