The Girl On The Train ~ Paula Hawkins

The hook reads – ‘You don’t know her but she knows you‘, and it certainly hooked me in. Me who isn’t much of a thriller reader but someone now who will be haunting the book shops for other  Paula Hawkins’ reads. Haven’t seen the film so would be keen to know from others how it shapes up against the novel.

I felt sorry, sympathetic, cross and ashamed for  Rachel the drunk who is trying to shake off drinking, trying to get over the loss of her job and the biggie trying to get over her divorce. Each problem impacted on another until she finds herself still travelling on the computer train to London each day to avoid confrontation and admittance of her lost job to her seemingly unfriendly flat share.

It then seems that she is anxious to fling herself into other people’s lives and then…………………….. well I’m not going to spoil the story for you….and I didn’t see the end coming.

Published by Transworld