The Girl Who JUST APPEARED ~ Jonathan Harvey

image.jpegNo I haven’t made a mistake on the title – this is how it is shown on the front cover of this gorgeous paperback. First time for me to read one of Jonathan’s books and I am definitely going to try another one soon.

Holly is adopted and the trail of looking for her birth mother starts when her adopted mum Jean dies. The journey takes her to Liverpool where she meets new friends Iggy, Rose and Irish Alan. All this time she is accompanied by Michael the dog she is ……. dog sitting for her previous boss Sylvie a has been celebrity currently overseas.

She rents a flat where she believes she lived with her birth mother and immediately the quest picks up speed dipping and diving amongst ‘characters’ that she reads about in a hidden diary found under the floorboards…….. sounds like an adopted story that is too good to be true…….but I read on!

The tale has many twists and turns and I tried second guessing what would happen next and invariably I was wrong which whetted my appetite to get to the end even more.

Although a poignant story it is hilarious too as you meet these characters through Holly’s eyes and hear her thoughts on the page. This is interspersed with diary chapters from Darren written in the lovely scouse accent which I could clearly hear as I read it.

…… and so the story ends on the sunshiny island of Santorini and  I didn’t see the end coming but it was great, I couldn’t put this book down and I want to know what happened to Holly next!