The Ladybird Book of The People Next Door

image.jpegThis is one from a series of adult Ladybird books that is a play on those well known books we of a certain age at Grey Mansions will remember fondly from childhood. During the sixties the Ladybird books were early readers and I can remember receiving one about Elijah from the bible as a Sunday school prize. They were loved and respected.

The People next Door is a tongue in cheek look at our neighbours, you will no doubt recognise the person next door and indeed yourself as the Ladybird authors casually and artfully observe with wry humour. A quick read but a humorous one and I quote from the first page ‘Our planet is small and we must learn to share with each other. Every Sunday, at dawn, Neil sits outside his house, sharing the deafening engine noise of his unmuffled vintage M.G.roadster with the rest of the street who are having a lie-in. Not everything needs sharing.’ The accompanying picture is one of the perfect fifties/sixties suburb, fenced in front gardens,large semi’s, tidy flower borders, a girl just off to play tennis and a boy on a bike.

I look forward to reading more from Penguin, this is an absolute hoot.