The Secrets of Happiness – Lucy Diamond

image.jpegThere appears to be many secrets of happiness but I am only going to let you into a couple! Sibling love and creativity should be enough to whet your appetite for Lucy Diamond’s 2016 novel set mainly in Hereford with a smattering of Birmingham and Manchester mentions!

Rachel goes off on a day adventure to Manchester hoping to unpick a throw away comment that Violet makes at her Dad’s funeral. Both Mum and Dad are dead now and Rachel doesn’t realise how much she needs a family until her partially estranged step sister and step mother swoop in to help after Rachel meets with an unfortunate accident.

Becca the ‘wicked’ step sister is the one that blossoms on creativity and she finds both an avenue for this and a potential romance when she stays in sleepy Hereford the calming antidote to the chaotic and not necessarily fulfilling life she temporary leaves behind.

There are more secrets to unravel about Harvey the dog, Lawrence the ex husband, the annoying mummy mafia and Meredith the ex flat mate…… but I’m not going to give any more away perhaps it’s suffice to say it’s a jolly good read!