Fast Friends by Jill Mansell

37f4823b-5b3d-416e-a7fe-569b2ad553fc.jpegWhat a fab story this is. Jill tells me that she wrote this book more than thirty years ago…….. where has that time gone? I have a son that age! Fast Friends has stood the test of time.

Three schoolfriend, Loulou, Camilla and Roz are ‘reunited’ as adults. Their paths have crossed once again albeit not in the way that housewife Camilla would have liked as Roz it appears has been her husband Jack’s mistress.

On leaving her husband she holes up with Loulou and a whole other world is opened up to her. So with Loulou’s encouragement Camilla shrugs off domesticity and a few pounds and suddenly life seems anything but boring.

Camilla meets Nico a friend of LouLou and one time lover of Roz, he is a common theme running through this story but is Nico a friend or lover for Camilla? there is a blur around this relationship which neither Nico or Camilla can rub out. So the story traces the ups and downs, warts and all, marriages, babies and business of all three friends.

Skirting around the edge of the glitterati of London these ladies dress to impress, quaff champagne and attract men not necessarily in that order and from Camilla’s standpoint not necessarily with swagger or confidence when she compares herself with the hard nosed Roz and the weak willed Loulou.

Each friend has a challenge to face, how will they meet these challenges, with each other or on their own?

My paperback copy was published by Headline Books