The Island Escape by Kerry Fisher


Being a traveller and a reader how could I resist this title An Island Escape, having loved The Silent Wife by Kerry I was keen to listen to this romp through England, Sardinia and Corsica and truly I was not disappointed with this first class audiobook.

Octavia and Roberta, Roberta and Ocatavia, two friends, true friends through thick and thin.

Octavia is bogged down with children, work and a boring husband in middle suburbia, Roberta is bogged down by a fancy showy Aussie husband and his bullying personality.

Roberta leaves husband, husband leaves Octavia, the two relationship changes are not related. The next few steps or slips trying to navigate singledom are not that straight forward for either of them. The story sees Octavia travelling to Sardinia in the wake of boring husband’s new job. Tantalised by the few ocean miles stretching between Sardinia and Corsica Octavia retraces the steps of her younger travelling days when she met the man of her dreams. But her dreams did not pan out as she had hoped all those years ago as her travelling was cut short when her father became ill and she returns to England. But is Octavia playing with fire whilst Roberta is playing with a new business and chasing Jake. The business takes off but so does Jake, sadly in a different direction.

Kerry Fisher does not disappoint with her continued attention to detail and with characters you sympathise with and characters you want to slap it entertains, can not get enough of this author.

This book was from  Harper Audio and read by Lucy Pattinson.