After the Lie by Kerry Fisher

db859145-9c77-478d-94a3-23dd58f94885.jpegKerry Fisher is my new go to when it comes to new authors. I have been very impressed with her plots and the clever writing of each novel  that I have read or listened to. She is the gift that keeps on giving.

The lie is a big one…..Lydia has been keeping this lie for many years……her family moved away from their home town and swept ‘the incident’ under the carpet…. but the past has caught up with her and her new life. Lydia has grown up and her parents have aged but the lie has stayed with them.

Her husband, her children, her neighbours don’t know the truth. …and like a smack in the face Stuart walks back in to her life. Can she make him keep the lie a secret?….or will he blurt it out and throw the proverbial spanner into her marriage, into her home and her family’s lives.

If that wasn’t enough Tomaso throws himself into the mix, he is Lydia’s latest lie as after all one big fat lie has been easy to keep ’til now so what is one more. As  truths hit home Lydia realises where her loyalties are and discovers that there is life After the Lie, first class, top quality read from the stable of Kerry Fisher …….she fails to disappoint.