The Vineyard in Alsace by Julie Stock

8B58F895-1B05-4AF1-ACED-C8B1B6778EC6The story starts with Fran walking into her bedroom to find her fiancé Paul with another woman. Turning on her heels, she leaves the flat, she leaves Paul, and she leaves London and heads for a vineyard in Alsace and her dream job, only to find her former boyfriend Didier is the new owner and manager. So how will this work out?

…….quite well in fact, both tentative in their approach of the other, Didier now with a young daughter and a divorce on his hands and Fran with her shattered romance.

……. but that isn’t all. Each has a close friend. Didier has Henri and Fran has Ellie and the foursome enjoy a weekend of wine, good food and each other’s company. Too good to be true? Too many loose ends conveniently tied you might suggest …..but well you need to taste the grapes, feel the rich soil beneath your feet before you judge.

Like a sparkling wine, this story fizzes with love and satisfies the palate.

A Vineyard in Alsace by Julie Stock  is published by Clued Up Publishing and available on Amazon.

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  1. Thank you for this lovely review, Dawn. I’m so glad you enjoyed reading The Vineyard in Alsace. I appreciate you taking the time to post your review as well 🙂

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