Mother’s Day

B6E9AC64-0BC4-491B-97D7-04E6C8F4E843So it’s Mother’s Day in the UK, some like to refer to it as Mothering Sunday but I believe over the years it’s become more common to call it Mother’s Day. This can be a specially poignant day for many mother’s as they are unable to buy a card and give flowers in person as Mum might have died or the relationship has broken down.

Then there are the mother’s that have lost a child or given one away for adoption so it seem’s particularly ironic that I am reading The Secret Child by Kerry Fisher which tells the tale of a young Mum who gives birth to another man’s child whilst her husband is away at sea. She is not the first or indeed the last that has had their whole life shaped by a secret just as this. People are somewhat more open nowadays as ITV’s popular TV show Long Lost Family can testify….. but it does remind the viewer that many Mums are torn apart on Mother’s Day as they think of lost mothers, broken relationships, lost children and babies that were given away.

So Happy Mother’s Day wherever you are and a peaceful mind if this is a difficult day.


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