Empty Cradles by Margaret Humphreys

FEDD24AB-B968-47AF-BCB1-1ACEC3299DB8Nothing thrills me more than an enforced period of reading time. A chilly weekend away from home, without wifi and a bookcase  of paperbacks I found myself choosing Empty Cradles.

A heart wrenching account of one woman’s journey uncovering the UK’s migrant scheme of the mid twentieth century. Stories of abuse both mental and physical, lies and sexual violation  of the children that had been shipped overseas from post war UK to Zimbabwe, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

The stamina and determination that Nottingham social worker Margaret found within herself is worthy of a knighthood. She tackled this issue and gradually pieced together family stories and reunited many.

Many children had been left in homes and expected to be collected once their parents were back on their feet, instead many were told that they had died whilst parents were told their children had been adopted in other parts of the UK. These children now adults had felt rejected, worthless and rootless, without a personal history to pass onto their own families.

Read this book and weep, my hat goes off to Margaret for showing such courage.