The Secret Child by Kerry Fisher

5E020CFB-B2B4-44D6-8C82-686E27D5AC5FIn the week which started with Mother’s Day in the UK I found myself listening to The Secret Child by  Kerry Fisher.

If I did a ranking or rating system this would be a trip advisor 5 star or a 10/10 without doubt. Kerry has once again taken an emotive subject and weaved a tale around a family’s relationship with Suzie the mum.

Her secret has shaped her life and how she has behaved as both wife and mother. Her secret is kept in a trunk in the attic and this Pandora’s box is opened at her request when in her seventies she is ill in hospital.

The secret child is Edward, conceived not in the best of circumstances but she now allows him to walk back in her life when previously she rejected him when he had reached his 18th birthday.. How he is treated by Suzie’s two daughters Gracie and Louise and her kindly and patient husband Danny is for you to find out.

But what I will tell you is that this Portsmouth based book is a story of a woman whose secret has kept her from having a fulfilled and loving relationship with her husband. It kept her from maintaining a friendship with a woman she met in the mother and baby home for fear of the secret being allowed to let slip. It keeps her from being relaxed with Louise and Gracie who have their own challenges to face.

Should she have shared her secret earlier?

Read by Emma Spurgeon Hussey and presented by Audible.

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