The changing face of local libraries

F54FFDA9-51EB-4EE4-84D6-464B1022766FI am keen to save our libraries as they provide so much pleasure for readers who otherwise would not be able to afford the books and magazines readily available to devour. When I was child a library was a hallowed place, with tall bookcases from floor to ceiling and the only sound was of the odd cough and the grating slide of the steps that librarians tentatively moved when trying to reach books. The chief librarian would raise an arched eyebrow over her heavy spectacles if anyone dared to speak whilst in these sacred walls.

But my how things have changed ……….. I visited my local this morning and found it was in fact quite a  frantic  place to visit, toddlers were singing songs, a local group was selling crafts and cakes, coffee can be bought, art can be admired, computers and internet used and people can sit and chat. No I am not complaining as I think they are a useful community hub……. but it dawned on me how much they had changed and probably for the better. …if change means we can keep them, lets embrace it. Long live local libraries!