We Other by Sue Bentley

Never have I read anything that screams out film me film me like Sue Bentley‘s We Other – a tale of superb and exquisite fantasy. Sue’s narrative is detailed from the very first page where it took me straight to the forest where I could clearly see Robin Morgan stumbling off the beaten track “Mist wreathed the ground in the forest clearing, a grey pall that was 0A394BFD-FA0E-4D5F-845F-976B6F72DADAresisting the invasion of dawn. Fingers of light stole through the branches of an ancient oak, filtering onto the tangled net of undergrowth, before playing gently over the face of the man who sprawled there” Hope that whets your appetite!

Rob’s encounter with a fairy is as real as it gets and I particularly enjoyed the outline of the fairy opening her wings ……..”What he had taken for a floating cape at her shoulders sprang up, opened in telescopic jerks as if worked by some silent mechanism”

The story moves from a dreary housing estate to a woodland filled with fairies and other magical creatures. Jess is a young girl struggling with life’s challenges, her mum is alcoholic, her mums boyfriend is a violent ne’er do well, her shoes leak and there isn’t enough food at home.

Meanwhile Caleb is struggling with working in his father’s hardware store, a job so far removed from his artistic dreams and a dad so far removed from any sensitivity about him or his artistic talents …. he has to get away and finds himself lodging with the bohemian artist Ivy Stark who creates fantastical woodland  pictures with more than a little magic weaved into the canvas.

…………Jess is somewhat alarmed to feel two little scars on her back which eventually start to protrude and so her transition into the fairy world begins with a little help from Mike the homeless guy who she knows from the underpass. So how do the stories of Ivy, Caleb and Jess intertwine? Read We Other just as I did and I hope Steven Spielberg does too.

We Other is magical story, cleverly written with fine detail whether it be about a rain washed council estate or a woodland dell, published by Everything with Words I dare you not to read Sue Bentley.