A Hundred Pieces of Me by Lucy Dillon

BA0087F4-42F9-4811-A554-6D30C54066DEIs it really possible to get rid of everything but one hundred things????? This is Gina’s story as she embarks on her new life….as she sheds the skin of her marriage to Stuart, she goes through the process of clearing out and in doing so cleanses her spirit and makes room in her tiny new flat.

Letting go of Stuart, Kit, her illness and realising that life is what it is, is  a journey and a half for Gina….and it takes her mother to remind her that bad  things that happen are not necessarily her fault.

Her work is managing building projects and a large commission to renovate The Magistrate’s House satisfies her creativity and professional life and it also leads to making friends with the married owner Nick.

A great story from Lucy and published by Hodder and Co