Spilling the beans – Clarissa Dickson Wright

7FE6EF06-749C-4663-8F15-8A9AA73B41E5What a rip roaring life Clarissa Dickson Wright enjoyed….perhaps enjoyed is not the right word to use as there were some really deep dark times but none the less her account of those times is as rich as her recipes that she and her cooking partner Jennifer Patterson concocted as they explored the UK on Jennifer’s motorbike and sidecar.

Clarissa’s colourful life began just after the war in London, she was born into a wealthy family.  She was the youngest female to be called to the bar but also sadly an alcoholic. Life got in the way and her career at the bar was over by the time she was thirty none the less she reinvented herself as a TV cook. Her book often refers to the difficult relationship that she had with her father, an eminent London doctor.

It seems this book caused a stir amongst her family as others recall the Dickson Wright childhood quite differently, albeit the memories might be different or questionable it made for a jolly good listen.

Sadly Clarissa died a few years ago at aged 64.