Obsession by Susan Lewis

80409358-15EA-41AD-B37C-2B1CA2F8F6F9A fast paced novel centring on Corrie a twenty something much loved daughter of single mother Edwina.

Corrie has dreams to leave Ambleside to seek a more exciting life in London but Edwina’s illness is holding her back…..that is until Edwina dies leaving money and a letter which tells Corrie about her father who previously Corrie had been told was dead.

Fast forward to London and Corrie survives a fire and brimstone probationary period at a media company.

Holding her own she she learns quickly but she didn’t expect to fall for the ‘charms’ of Luke and before she knows it she becomes embroiled in a tangled web of jealousy, violence, lies and deceit which involves her father and Luke.

And if this wasn’t enough she meets and falls in love with the eminent film maker Christos and she a girl from a small village called Ambleside.

Corrie surprises herself and the reader with her resilience and confidence as the dark mystery surrounding Luke unfolds…. be prepared for a bumpy ride!