The Trouble with Goats and Sheep – Joanna Cannon

F258C962-338E-4E70-B2CC-1D012DD497B4The bright yellow cover and the unusual title was what drew me to Joanna Cannon’s  story set in the long hot summer of ’76.

Yes I remember it well, life was slower, the air was still and heavy and we just couldn’t believe that day after day the heat would continue.

I was little older than Grace the main narrator of the story but Grace has an old head on young shoulders at just ten years old and is very perceptive.

F3000BC4-E4A9-4EA8-BCA5-35A1AD69C190She and Tilly her quieter more subdued friend made it their mission to find out where Mrs Creasey had disappeared to and where God was as everyone had said he was all around. The story unravels through the net curtains with a series of whispers and huddled conversations on street corners of the estate. Everyone seems to know each other’s business.

Grace and Tilly make it their duty to question everyone in their pledge to get to the bottom of the summer holiday’s mystery. It involves a lot of sitting on stairs in the hall over hearing conversations and pretending to be Girl Guides and offering to do jobs in neighbours homes.

Set against a back drop of Angel Delight, leather sandals and neat front lawns this well written and exquisite observation of seventies life made  for a refreshing change….you will not be disappointed.

Published by Borough Press.