A Night on the Orient Express by Veronica Henry

337fe519-b02d-44de-bcc4-07c7e39f8dbb.jpegAs a traveller the Orient Express is already on my wish list so with the hook line of ‘A new life is just a ticket away‘ and a cover with turquoise waters and blue skies how could I resist Veronica Henry’s A Night on the Orient Express?

The story moves from present day to fifty years ago, intertwining a suite of stories all reaching their own crescendo on an overnight journey on the luxurious train that is the Orient Express.

….and so the train pulls out of London with it’s discreet butlers, sparkling crystalware and a few secrets.

By the time the train reaches Venice farmer Archie and milliner Emmie have met, Stephanie’s new family have overcome a few life changing moments and Imogen has thrown caution to the wind with her wild lover Danny ………..all this and Imogen didn’t quite realise how much she was following in her grandmother’s footsteps.

Imogen’s grandmother gallery owner Adele had made that same journey fifty years ago when she was in a state of limbo enjoying the wildness of her own lover Jack but appreciating the safety of Middle England with her doctor husband William. She had left Jack in Venice with an important picture and now fifty years on it was time to claim it back. Imogen is at a crossroads in life, she has been managing her grandmother’s gallery but it is time to sell and move on, before doing so Adele sends her granddaughter to collect Inamorata and so the story of her grandmother is revealed.

Published in paperback by Orion Books