Family Baggage by Monica McInerney

2CF4C39E-BC13-4002-A5F3-EE2A635454E1.jpegA family saga sweeping from Merryn Bay in Australia to Bath, Cornwall and Cork. Like most families the Turner’s have secrets and one big secret involves Lara the little girl that the Turner family had kindly taken in and cared for.

Monica McInerney’s story keeps the reader guessing right to the end. Mum and Dad Turner have set up a successful travel business in Merryn Bay and are delighted that three of the four children decide to join them in the business. James is joined by his wife the ambitious Melissa and Lara and Harriet often lead tours.

Harriet was forced to take a break after struggling emotionally when her father and mother die just a few weeks apart. Her re introduction to leading tours takes her to Cornwall to lead a Willoughby Tour based on a popular English TV series. She will be meeting Lara but Lara doesn’t turn up so Harriet leads the tour single handedly managing the twelve elderly group members and the unexpectedly good looking actor that played the lead in the TV seres.

Meanwhile the family are concerned that Lara has gone missing so Harriet and older brother Austin travel to Cork to try an unravel the mystery behind Lara and her birth family.

Family Baggage left me wanting more of Monica McInerney ….so will be trawling the book shops shortly. Thank you Monica for a great read.

Published by Pan