The Woman Next Door by Cass Green

51066F06-16DA-482E-83D9-714AD14D2F26.jpegI don’t know which of the main characters I disliked the most…… was it Melissa with her aloof snobbishness or Hester with her annoying, disapproving awkwardness? Either way they make an unlikely pair. Hester is eager to be a friend of Melissa’s and Melissa is eager to keep Hester at more than an arm’s length.

They are thrown together to cover up a big secret and to cover up their tracks but each already has secrets of her own. Hester sees this as an opportunity to get back into Melissa’s good books and fantasises about their potential future friendship…………….Hester had previously been a friend of sorts but had blotted her copybook with her unwanted advice and constant knocking on the door……after all she was the woman next door.

Hester has no husband, family or friends just an old smelly dog and a pair of net curtains that she likes to hide behind and spy on Melissa. She sees Melissa have a huge grocery order delivered and with the bottles of fizz puts two and two together that she is having a party. Hester decides to bake and take her offering round knowing this was her route to getting an invitation….she took if from there.

Set in a London suburb, Cass Green kept me gripped to the end; a five star thriller of which I won’t be revealing any secrets about big or small.