Finding Jojo Moyes

4B61AE52-7D3D-49CE-8114-BB8242BAFAF8.jpegI don’t know how I have survived my literary life without listening to or reading a Jojo Moyes  paperback. Have loved all that I have experienced so far, in fact I have become a little bit of a Jojo addict and why? …… well each novel offers something different, they don’t follow a format and sometimes they have a little bit of a foreign backdrop so The Grey Traveller within me loves that!

Paris for One is a short novel set in… you guessed it! It captures the awkwardness of a less than worldly girl on her first visit… she has been left in the lurch by her so called travelling companion aka her boyfriend so she explores Paris and what it has to offer by herself and some of what it offers is a Frenchman and she likes what she discovers!

Sheltering Rain takes the reader to fifties Hong Kong, which is all expats, white gloves and Happy Valley. It weaves its tale between the sweltering heat of the east and  damp modern day in rural Ireland. Grandmother meets granddaughter and it seems they have little in common.

Still Me is set in New York, another girl another city and another case of not being worldly and all that awkwardness needs to be ironed out. She survives a difficult employer, finds her real passion in vintage clothing and can almost by the end of the book without giving too much a way call herself a native New Yorker.

The Ship of Brides brings four newly weds together in a dorm on a Royal Naval ship leaving Australia for Southampton, an unlikely bunch but they all have one  thing in common…and that is a whole bunch of questions; What will England bring them, how will they cope so far from home and how will they settle into married life with husbands they haven’t seen in a while.

Peacock Emporium opens its doors in a little alley offering quirky luxuries and coffee for wandering souls. It’s proprietor is a wandering soul herself, unsure of what she wants in her marriage and in life itself….opening the shop allows her to find out what she wants and it seems what she wants come in the form of a Argentine gent.

Have I whetted your appetite?  let me know your favourite Jojo Moyes and I’ll make sure to include it on my reading list.