All the Beautiful Girls by Elizabeth J Church

P1030378.jpgListening to this audiobook the writer took me to Las Vegas when the strip was relatively new and the likes of ‘Ole Blue Eyes and Sammy Davis Junior were drawing the crowds. You could almost smell the theatrical make up and dust, see the smoke ridden changing rooms and marvel at the sparkle. But life wasn’t all about sparkle and glitter for Lily or her alter ego Ruby.  Moving from small town America to the heat and dust of the desert Ruby dips her polished toes into Vegas.

She had run away from her old life and embarked on a new one as a Vegas showgirl, she made new friends in the form of Rose and Vivid and laughed in the face of her old hang ups and standards. She rarely thought of Aunt Tate and her Uncle who had made life unbearable for this little girl who had lost her parents in a car accident.

Along comes Xavier who promises the moon and more but instead of a life full of puppy dogs and kisses it’s bruises and abuse. Ruby forgives and forgives until she can forgive no more as Xavier leaves her high and dry. Emotionally drained an accident turns her life around and once more she thanks her lucky stars for The Aviator. Dream of a book for the showgirl within us all.