Missing Presumed by Susie Steiner

19FA84F8-C73D-4F84-93DD-EADB1EC157BFEdge of the seat or edge of your bed stuff …depends where you like to read but this kept me there right on that edge wherever I was reading.

Manon she of the unusual name appears somewhat adrift in her personal life. Approaching mid life with no partner, no children and estranged from dad and sister she has few friends and hence not much of a social life. Professionally she is a woman with a mission, a policewoman with a mission, clear headed (most of the time) dedicated and then Edie’s case, a potential love interest and an orphaned child arrive just like buses all three come along almost at the same time and throws her world a little askew.

What has happened to Edie? Who took her? Why is she missing? Where is the body? This thriller made me ask questions and kept me guessing right to the end.