The Peacock Summer by Hannah Richell

44C4802C-BD34-4B72-A87B-99C414581A1BI picked this book up in a library in an old manor called The Kandy House in Sri Lanka on a day when rain stopped play and sunbathing. Coincidentally the main ‘character’ of this story was another manor house but this time in England and this time called Cloudsley in deepest Chilterns country.

Maggie pulls herself away from the freedom and carefree life of Bondi to nurse her ailing grandmother. She is disappointed to find a mound of bills and deterioration in the fabric of the house she loved as a child. As she strives to find a way to stop the house going under she also unearths a love story ………………beautiful narrative and a poignant tale leaving the reader hearing the plaintive cries of the peacocks on a summer lawn and wanting to track down more of Hannah Richell.