The Betrayals by Fiona Neill

832DA428-3DD9-4D48-B782-306A567A2C30First time for everything and first time for  me to read a Fiona Neill  novel….definitely won’t be the last. Loved Betrayals, I read the Penguin paperback edition and whilst I had to put it down from time to time the wait to get back to it was far too long.

Daisy suffers from OCD, her brother Max tries to protect her as she stumbles through teenage and early adulthood. The back story is that their mother Rosie was betrayed by their dad Nick with family friend Lisa. Daisy truly believes that something awful will befall her mum or brother if she doesn’t stick to her rituals but it seems despite controlling them some years ago these rituals are playing a big part in Daisy’s life again.

Meanwhile Rosie is dabbling with Tinder at night whilst being an eminent oncologist during the day.  Nick is in limbo because Lisa is seriously ill with cancer. Lisa wants to follow an unconventional route to fight the disease whilst Nick would like her to go the full blown medical pathway which he believes his wife might hold the key to.

Max is trying to be a good brother and son whilst conducting an affair with the mysterious Connie and studying to be a doctor himself. Just who is betraying who?