Wives and Lovers by Jane Elizabeth Varley

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First class writing from Elizabeth Jane Varley with Wives and Lovers set in the leafy suburb of Wimbledon, London and the middle class town of Marlow.

Having just returned from my first visit to this little Thames side town it was purely coincidental to be reading about it in Jane’s great tale of a middle class family and their modern problems.

Victoria and David have it all or so it seems with their newly renovated house, two children one of each, David with his well paid job and Victoria with her busy life. Like a butterfly she flits from one task to another whether it’s lunching with friends, collecting children, choosing new clothes or seeing her sisters.

Her sisters have their own problems, Annie with an over bearing and unfriendly mother in law and Clara with her boring husband. Victoria soon starts to pick fault with her own lifestyle and unravels a darker problem which she needs to solve in her favour. Will the sisters pull together or will it break the three apart? Who are the wives and who are the lovers?

Published by Orion.