All the Beautiful Lies by Peter Swanson

IMG_4595.JPGThe dramatic images on the cover of Beautiful Lies drew me to the book. A lone man standing on a New England bluff.

A crime story that I could not hazard a guess on the outcome …….. but then surely that is what a good crime story should be, a mystery, a thrill and this one definitely had some love interest.

The story mainly revolves round Harry and his newly dead father Bill, Harry’s stepmother Alice and her stepfather Jake. Harry is about to graduate but instead of attending his graduation ceremony finds himself returning to Kennewick a New England coastal town in Maine to attend his father’s funeral.

Bill’s death it transpires was not accidental and so it unfolds a story of a few years ago twisting around Alice and Jake and a story of now twisting round Bill and Alice and Bill’s interest in two books shops one in New York City and the other in Kennewick. Harry becomes increasingly alarmed as he discovers that he really didn’t  know his father at all and he certainly doesn’t know the back story to his stepmother Alice.

As the police try to piece together Bill’s last walk along the bluff tops Harry finds himself unwittingly caught up in a mystery involving the staff in the book stores and his father’s young mistress.

I was surprised on virtually every page, although I don’t normally score this is a ten out of ten for me.

I read the paperback version from Faber and Faber