Sleep by C L Taylor – audiobook 10/10!

IMG_0481.JPGTo get a ten out of ten for me audiobooks need to score highly on two criteria …. both the content and the narrator.

If I don’t ‘gel’ with the narrator’s voice then it doesn’t work for me. Sleep by C L Taylor scored full marks on both accounts.

The book opens with a letter from Anna to be read if the writer has died. The letter suggests who the police should question.

Spin back three months earlier and Anna has been involved in a serous road crash. She was driving some work colleagues. Some of her colleagues did not survive.

Despite the accident not being her fault ‘her demons’ are playing havoc with her mind and she can not sleep.

Her relationship breaks down and Anna decides to take a job in Rum a remote Scottish island. A series of unusual events take place involving the guests at the hotel where she is working…….will Anna ever be able to sleep again? A well paced novel which kept me listening and rewinding to hear some of the narrative again, it was so well done.

Loved the tone and inflection that narrator Clare Corbett lends to this audiobook, thank you  Avon Books and Audiobooks.