Look after you local library!

F54FFDA9-51EB-4EE4-84D6-464B1022766FI have recently been learning a language at my local library, not only have I learned how to tell the time in Italian  but I have also learned that our libraries need to be used as we are likely to lose them otherwise.

My local library apart from lending books and magazines is a meeting place for many. Coffee is available as are seats and tables to sit at. It provides wall space for local art and space for local groups to meet such as keep fit for the elderly and craft groups. There are computers to use, leaflets about the local area and friendly staff to answer questions.

Whilst some might argue that libraries should be a quiet space they provide an invaluable community hub for the elderly and activities for young families who are just two groups of people that might not have their own transport or indeed spare money or the ability to travel far.

So use it or lose it!