We Met in December by Rosie Curtis

Rosie’s charming tale of boy meets girl is set in London with a theme of  My London Life weaving its way through the story which is told mainly from  Jess’s view she of small town Bournemouth and also of Alex’s view he the nurse in training having previously given up a well paid job in law and house mate of Jess.

You get the idea Rosie and Alex are not meant to be …is it a case of unrequited crush as Jess calls it?

Jess is newly arrived in London, she can not quite believe she has landed a job in publishing, can not quite believe that uni friend Becky has offered her a room in her Notting  Hill house at an affordable rate and can not quite believe that the lovely Alex is one of the house mates.

The other house mates include Rob the chef and Emma. Despite Becky’s rule of no relationships amongst house mates it seems that Alex and Emma have a friends with benefits relationship and Jess knows.

Meanwhile in-between shifts Alex often takes Jess on walks around London so that she can familiarise herself with the city. She has settled well into My London Life as she often meets with school friends for drinks and swapping of news, her job is going ok and she enjoys the house where she is living.

But I digress Jess goes on a blind date with James ….. after all Alex has seen his ex fiancé recently………will Jess and Alex ever get the chance to break the house rules?

Yes I will certainly be back for more of Rosie’s books audio or hard copy, I enjoyed the story and the references to London…..oh and I’d love to live in Notting Hill.

The story is told by Jessica Preddy and Finlay Robertson taking on the voices of Jess and Alex. This audiobook was provided by Avon Books and is part of the 12 days of We Met in December audio book blog tour .