Revenge of the Middle – Aged Woman by Elizabeth Buchan

tTkdXEjHQP6hLMmjA72KnAOh how I love that title! As the title suggests the story is about a woman of a certain age. Rose is living in London leading a conventional middle class life, she has a husband, two grown children and both she and husband have well paid jobs in publishing.

When not working she fills her time with gardening, socialising and catching up with afore mentioned grown children and old university friends and occasional day dreaming about an old boyfriend called Hal.

……. the bubble is burst when husband goes off with a younger lover who happens to be Rose’s assistant and friend. Minty also happens to be younger, thinner and capable of walking on high spike heels. The problems snowball when Rose is ‘no longer needed’ at work and Minty not only claws her way into her husband’s bed but also into Rose’s office and job.

………Rose receives advice from friends, she is sometimes shunned by acquaintances and loses the cat Parsley to old age. It seems that husband and Minty want to shift her out of the family home too…….what does Rose do to take revenge?

I couldn’t stop reading this book……..I read it in a hard back version published by Penguin Books. How have I managed to miss Elizabeth Buchan up until now I ask myself!  I promise not to miss her any more.