All of Me – Patsy Palmer

IMG_6990What a fabulous warts and all biography from the lovely Patsy Palmer. I had no idea of the personal struggles that she was going through during those famous Albert Square years. She has been very open about her demons and hopefully others will learn from her story, I certainly hope so. The text is articulate, meaningful and easy to read but the book was hard to put down.

Whilst the story might have mainly focussed on her addictions I also loved the background threads of life in Bethnal Green, her connection to her wider family and how she made it big on the small screen. In short the story was informative and entertaining.

Whilst we might remember her as Bianca she is someone’s wife, mother and daughter. The strength of her love for her family and the support they have given has got her through some bleak times.  Her CV is in no way limited to ‘Bianca’ and Eastenders, the book tells us about the other roles both acting and in ‘real life’ that have made her who she is.

I would love Patsy to write the next chapter and if she is reading this I hope she can let me know if this is likely.

My version of the book was paperback and published by Hodder.