Perfect Remains by Helen Fields, an audiobook

PR-audio-tour-bannerPerhaps it’s the rich voice of Robin Laing that adds authenticity to this Scottish thriller but the Scottish burr lends a richness to the telling of this superb tale by Helen Fields.

DI Callanach has arrived at his new post in Edinburgh at odds with his new location and at odds with his new colleagues. Straight away he finds himself investigating missing young women, bodies that are found and babies that have been abandoned.

His reason for leaving his job at Interpol is gradually being teased out by his female work partner Ava and his tough exterior is also being worn down just a little.   He doesn’t like to give too much away both personally and professionally.

Meanwhile we are introduced to the underbelly of city life, a man on a mission to abduct and control women and young girls giving birth far too young.  Callanach finds himself almost in competition with members of his own team who think they can solve these crimes better than he.

Callanach’s obstinacy and dogged, relentless uncovering of evidence and piecing together of the clues makes this very much a ‘page turner’ albeit a listening page. I certainly wanted to know if he solved the crimes and a judge of how well I like an audiobook is if my mind wanders whilst listening….I can safely say my mind didn’t wander one bit I too was willing Callanach on.

I listened via Audiobooks published by Avon Books