The Peacock Summer by Hannah Richell

I picked this book up in a library in an old manor called The Kandy House in Sri Lanka on a day when rain stopped play and sunbathing. Coincidentally the main ‘character’ of this story was another manor house but this time in England and this time called Cloudsley in deepest Chilterns country. Maggie pulls herself away […]

Finding Jojo Moyes

I don’t know how I have survived my literary life without listening to or reading a Jojo Moyes  paperback. Have loved all that I have experienced so far, in fact I have become a little bit of a Jojo addict and why? …… well each novel offers something different, they don’t follow a format and sometimes they […]

Family Baggage by Monica McInerney

A family saga sweeping from Merryn Bay in Australia to Bath, Cornwall and Cork. Like most families the Turner’s have secrets and one big secret involves Lara the little girl that the Turner family had kindly taken in and cared for. Monica McInerney’s story keeps the reader guessing right to the end. Mum and Dad Turner […]

Empty Cradles by Margaret Humphreys

Nothing thrills me more than an enforced period of reading time. A chilly weekend away from home, without wifi and a bookcase  of paperbacks I found myself choosing Empty Cradles. A heart wrenching account of one woman’s journey uncovering the UK’s migrant scheme of the mid twentieth century. Stories of abuse both mental and physical, […]

The Husband’s Secret -Liane Moriarty

This pacy novel set in the Australian ‘burbs carefully tells several small stories before they all become one big fat mother of a tale. You can see yourself in some of the characters whether it’s the trying to juggle everything Cecelia, the hard done by Rachel or the trying to smooth rough seas Lucy. I […]