Finding Jojo Moyes

I don’t know how I have survived my literary life without listening to or reading a Jojo Moyes  paperback. Have loved all that I have experienced so far, in fact I have become a little bit of a Jojo addict and why? …… well each novel offers something different, they don’t follow a format and sometimes they […]

A Night on the Orient Express by Veronica Henry

As a traveller the Orient Express is already on my wish list so with the hook line of ‘A new life is just a ticket away‘ and a cover with turquoise waters and blue skies how could I resist Veronica Henry’s A Night on the Orient Express? The story moves from present day to fifty years ago, intertwining a suite of […]

A Week in Paris ~ Rachel Hore

Of course a week in Paris would never really be enough for anyone but it’s long enough for Fay the heroine of the tale to unravel a mystery about her past. The story jumps from war torn Paris to the more liberal early 1960’s. It seems that Fay’s mother Kitty had a few secrets to […]